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Why Us

Selling your personal jewelry can be an emotional and intimidating undertaking. You need a reputable jewelry buyer to navigate you through the selling process. Very few jewelers can offer the expertise and the financial resources that we provide.  We pay a fair market price for diamonds, large gemstones, along with any estate and signed jewelry. At Rose Estate Jewelers, we offer the highest credentials, knowledge, and experience in our industry, as well as most attentive personal service anywhere. We guarantee a pleasant and successful jewelry selling experience. You will receive the highest prices because we value your jewelry for both the value of the stone along with the artistic value.  Our retail store and website also attract serious buyers and collectors from all over the world.


PHOTO FEE No Charge $500—$750
INSURANCE No Charge 1% of appraised value
COMMISSION No Charge 20% of sale price
SHIPPING No Charge $200—$350
PAYMENT* Cash/Check immediately Check in 30—90 days

At Rose we understand that the decision to sell your jewelry is a personal one. Our jewelry buyers are passionate about the service we provide and the way in which we provide it, and nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction. Your trust, comfort  and confidence is paramount, and we will do whatever it takes to make your selling experience a positive one.